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The Reverend Lori Hale Babcock

The Reverends Glen & Donna Gleaves

Peter Jennings, Senior Warden

Vestry Members:  Neil Swift, Junior Warden; Gayle Archey, Treasurer; Rick Ecke, Clerk; Barbara Eliason, Pat Holt

We are a diverse, spiritual and caring congregation. Please join us for Sunday services at 9:00 a.m. for the summer to celebrate the Holy Eucharist, and participate in other activities and events.

Wednesday Bible study is taking the summer off.

In conjunction with members of this Parish, those helping to spread the word of God and Jesus Christ in central Montana  include:

Bishop of the Episcopal Diocese of Montana, the Right Reverend Marty Stebbins, Helena

Episcopal Church of the Incarnation:

Interim Rector, The Reverend Lori Hale Babcock

The Reverend Glen Gleaves (Retired), Assisting

Deacon Donna Gleaves

Senior Warden Peter Jennings




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