In 2018, an idea was formed to create a platform for crucial conversation that focused on the adversities that young people in the community of Great Falls, Montana struggle with.

That idea eventually led to the project Converge: E Pluribus Unum, a creative storytelling experience utilizing live stage performances based on over 50 hours of actual interviews with students, parents, teachers, school administrators, law enforcement personnel, and mental health counselors.

The goal of the project was to impact social change, raise community awareness, and inspire collective action.

The cast of Converge: E Pluribus Unum was comprised of students from C.M. Russell High School, Great Falls High School, and the Paris Gibson Education Center; three live performances were staged in February, 2019 and an encore performance was held in April, 2019. Over 1,400 Great Falls community members attended these performances.

The film Many Stories, One Voice documents the creative process of the project, and was directed by our priest, the Reverend Tim Ljunggren.