Artist-in-Residence Program

Centuries ago, the Church and the Arts were joined together in a mutual hunger for creativity and self-expression; during the Renaissance period of human history, Church sponsored artists created lasting works that shaped and defined both art and human existence/experience.

Sadly, the critical relationship between the Church and the Arts began to fade in the 16th century, resulting in an almost non-existent bond between the two.

Here at the Church of the Incarnation, we believe in reestablishing critical relationships with artists and their work; to us, creativity brings us closer to each other and to our Creator and allows us to view the world (and each other) in new and exciting ways. We believe that all human beings have the capacity to be divinely inspired, and that we are all co-creators with God. Our message is that the Arts and the Church and not mutually exclusive, and that we can learn from one another about what it means to be human and to be connected to something greater than ourselves.

The Church of the Incarnation's Artist-in-Residence Program will provide selected artists a studio, exhibition space, and the opportunity to expand and explore their creativity for one year beginning on June 1st, 2020.

To receive more information, and/or to apply, please email us at: